Return on Investment

Clients report 50% to a 400% increase in key performance indicators with the integration of REALinTouch consultation, coaching and training

  • Inspire initiative, resourcefulness and workforce productivity
  • Align values with organizational goals and business development
  • Improve communication, teamwork and market share


Strategic Educational Events

Motivating Conference/Keynote/Retreats

Leadership Learning Circles

Energizing Virtual Seminars

Professional Development Seminars

Team-Building, Staff Development

"Sandy was thorough and exceeded our expectations - an invaluable resource."  Leslie Gleisner Esquire, Campbell & Brannon Law Firm, Authentic Branding Courses

Assessments, Coaching and Resources

Personality Tests and Behavioral/Strengths Surveys

Career and Performance Coaching Programs

Vision, Mission and Goal-setting

Audio Programs and Books

"Sandy makes strong and lasting relationships as people find her trustworthy and genuinely interested in their situations." 
Blueprint Coaching Participant

Leadership, Engagement and Business Development

Management and Work-Life Coaching, Sales Coaching

Consulting, Board facilitation, Customized Curriculum

Expert Articles, Referrals to Subject Matter Experts

360 Personnel Reviews, Succession Planning

"Sandy is an excellent coach and speaker. Her advice and facilitation is both actionable and inspirational." Laura Ray, Business Coaching & Professional Development Seminars



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