Unclutter Your Mind: 5 Critical Steps to Business/Life Growth
Unclutter Your Mind: 5 Critical Steps to Business/Life Growth

Want to feel empowered, focused and pro-active? Grab a sheet of paper and pen right now and jot down your answers to these 5 Critical Business/Life Decision-Making questions:
  1. What do you have to do now, and do fast, to complete an overdue but very necessary task?

  2. Acknowledge priorities (what’s nagging you the most) and consider long-term consequences of further delay. Where is money (or time) being drained? What must you stop doing, or start doing to be your best self? Why?

    List long term consequences as well as benefits/goals/rewards of completing what is undone.

  3. Resist the urge to savor what is comfortable, convenient and easy . . . for example, choosing to spend too much time on ‘fun’ or ‘escaping’ (surfing the internet, reading, watching TV, socializing, working late, traveling, or napping) when there is work to be done or quality relationships are being neglected.

    Wisdom teaches, "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial."

  4. What (or who) are you allowing to 'waste' your time or money? Is it time to set specific boundaries or limits with yourself and others? Where can you take responsibility and exercise more self-control or be more pro-active? Budget your time and/or your money. Ask for help if needed.

  5. Where is your biggest and immediate growth potential? What healthy activity – aka daily/weekly goals (business or personal) - will give the most benefit immediately? Take the first step today in one areas and let that immediate success give you momentum to tackle the rest of your plans!
Author: Sandy Lawrence

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