Tips On Boosting Willpower
Tips On Boosting Willpower

Tips On Boosting Willpower

Brain behavior expert and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. reveals these 5 Tips to Boost Willpower:
  1. Get a good night's sleep of 6 or more hours a night
  2. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels by eating several small meals a day with some protein in each meal.
  3. Practice. The more will power you practice, the more you actually have (it's like building muscle). Have a child? Help your child develop greater brain capacity for self-control and will power by saying "No" and teaching patience from toddler age upward.
  4. Balance brain chemistry. Try natural supplements like 5-HTP and Green Tea, and seek professional help.
  5. Focus and meditate on what you want. Write clearly stated goals on a sheet of paper and review daily asking yourself, "Is my behavior today getting me what I want?"

Author: Sandy Lawrence

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