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Life Giving Light
Light is cheerful and comforting, and it even helps ensure our physical and mental health. What if you had 5 keys to “shine the light” on how to achieve a dream, learn a new habit, or complete a huge task? Recall the power of L-I-G-H-T and apply these 5 keys to success to achieve the results you hope for:

1. List what you want to change – describe in writing the vision of your preferred future (how will your situation improve after you’ve taken action in the present). Most people believe Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb- not true! He envisioned a day when even ordinary people could enjoy safe, long-lasting light. Then he labored for years to make that dream possible.

2. Investigate options and obstacles, perceived or real. This awareness can get you unstuck and help you make wise decisions. As for Edison, he was aware of several hurdles to over-come, such as the need for delivering safer and more stable electricity to neighborhoods in order for electric lights to be practical for everyday use. He then focused his attention and resources to find solutions. Edison invented 7 system elements in all to make long-lasting and safe home light bulb use a reality.


A Lesson from the Lawrence Puppies
How might we flourish if we would only act like little puppies?
Back in 2008, my life changed drastically. Two precious children came into our life . . . puppies actually.  That winter I gained a new perspective on collaboration, dependence and interdependence. I watched these precious furry gifts from God play, eat, play, sleep, explore, and pretty much do everything in blissful, trusting, loving dependence.


Unclutter Your Mind: 5 Critical Steps to Business/Life Growth
Want to feel empowered, focused and pro-active? Grab a sheet of paper and pen right now and jot down your answers to these 5 Critical Business/Life Decision-Making questions.


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